Polish model Zuzanna Chyba for Volo Magazine

 photo Zuzanna-Chyba-Topless-Photoshoot-in-Volo-Magazine-June-2014-01-cr1404402059297-675x900_zpsd77b18c3.jpg
It is no secret that from our northern neighbors come one of the most charming women of the world.

 photo Zuzanna-Chyba-Topless-Photoshoot-in-Volo-Magazine-June-2014-06-cr1404402005807-675x900_zps5438be31.jpg         photo Zuzanna-Chyba-Topless-Photoshoot-in-Volo-Magazine-June-2014-05-cr1404402030208-675x900_zpsb8e84f09.jpg

You will not be surprised if we say that we have in our newsroom have found a new queen Polish glamor modeling. Zuzanna error is not exactly sounding name among the models, but the girl obviously has made a successful career.

 photo Zuzanna-Chyba-Topless-Photoshoot-in-Volo-Magazine-June-2014-04-cr1404402060847-900x675_zps5ce03e95.jpg

Beauty, which this year celebrates its 36th birthday, has a wide range exemplary parameters. At a height of 173 cm weighs only 49 kg, and its rates are 89-59-89 cm. Zuzanna As she emphasizes on its website, does not think absolutely no plastic surgery.



Miranda Kerr For ELLE Magazine

 photo miranda-kerr-elle-spain-may-2014-cover_zps89fbcf7d.jpg
How many beautiful women you know who are also dollar MILLIONAIRES? And how much would you like to know?

 photo miranda-kerr-by-xavi-gordo-for-elle-spain-may-2014-7_zpsa4805065.jpg         photo miranda-kerr-by-xavi-gordo-for-elle-spain-may-2014-2_zpse30fa342.jpg

There are the world's top models, whose assets amounted to 20 million U.S. dollars, take pictures of the most prestigious magazines and crave them every guy in the world. And of course, it gets equally prominent actor Orlando Bloom, who is lucky enough to have a beautiful Miranda bore him a son.

 photo miranda-kerr-by-xavi-gordo-for-elle-spain-may-2014-11_zpsf04e7dcc.jpg

Unfortunately, the fairy tale in the real world happen only sporadically and only marriage prominent pair ended about a year ago. However, this wonderful girl not mind receiving more and more juicy offers, such as this latest, which shot a sexy images for the Spanish edition of ELLE magazine. And right now , in its 31 years, Miranda looks the most beautiful.



Beautiful cheerleaders From Poland

We present a compilation made by him with several cheerleaders in Poland .Poles knew that beautiful women do not know that there are so ... on sports.


Helga Lovekaty For Brazilian Magazine Bella Da Semana

 photo Helga-Lovekaty-Topless-Bedroom-Photoshoot-for-Bella-da-Semana-04-cr1401991121168-900x675_zpse16de65d.jpg
The brunette of 22 years live in Russia and love to try snow sports to keep fit.

       photo Helga-Lovekaty-Topless-Bedroom-Photoshoot-for-Bella-da-Semana-11-cr1401991087232-675x900_zps1acaf3b9.jpg

Internet star glamor modeling, already know her countrymen, also watching it thousands of people from around the world.

 photo Helga-Lovekaty-Topless-Bedroom-Photoshoot-for-Bella-da-Semana-01-cr1401991143756-900x675_zpsf1b97673.jpg

youthful Russia from St. Petersburg began her career quite subtly spicy photographs, pictures today can be found on almost all erotic blogs.

 photo Helga-Lovekaty-Topless-Bedroom-Photoshoot-for-Bella-da-Semana-09-cr1401991088972-900x675_zpsfe53a33b.jpg

Even her name came up on the South American continent. Successful magazine Bella da Semana chose her to their latest numbers.



Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova For GQ Magazine

 photo Petra-Nemcova-For-GQ-Portugal-01_zpsaceca30b.jpg
One of the most beautiful and successful models from our western neighbors apparently age does not limit.

 photo Petra-Nemcova-For-GQ-Portugal-04_zpsbbd3c30c.jpg                  photo Petra-Nemcova-For-GQ-Portugal-07_zps22e7adbb.jpg

Beautiful pretty girl from the Czech Republic. The modeling world has also decided in his age of 34 (which by the way looks very good) showed that she is in the best form. Model who'll ever difficult situations, is revealed for the latest Portuguese edition of GQ magazine.

 photo Petra-Nemcova-For-GQ-Portugal-05_zps2a8bc990.jpg

Petra Nemcova copper include those models that do not seek to earnings because of its young an age (in his case 16 years) have worked for world of modeling. Petra posing today only rarely, much more devoted to charity work and his partner, the Haitian Prime Minister.

 photo Petra-Nemcova-For-GQ-Portugal-02_zpsa2ade6e2.jpg



Virtua Artwork - N° III

Morgane's Profile:
Origins: Brno / Czech republic - Age: 20
Height: 5.6 - Weight: 114 - Vital Statistics: 34/24/37
Nineteen year old university student Morgane has burst onto the exotic dancer scene worldwide with a championship performance at the Prague Gentlemans Club Invitational competition. 
Indeed has arguably the most perfect hourglass figure of any girl on the site. 
With her full natural tits, electrifying smile and warm eyes it's no wonder why the judges loved her!

  • Classic Design
 photo 5e00ba8e-355b-4568-be4b-86102347ed31_zps0e657c68.jpg


Electronic Cigarettes From Netherlands

Electronic cigarettes already know throughout the developed world. However, the Dutch were able to push this idea a step further - began selling electronic joint!

The Netherlands is its benevolent attitude towards marijuana famous - it is therefore no surprise that the first joint e-originated right here. Problem solved simply with the law, e-joint contains the active ingredient THC ** , and even tobacco or nicotine. Moreover, it is sold with several fruit flavors. Njoint CEO E-Menno Contant said: "The Netherlands is well known throughout the world for its tolerant and liberal attitude towards soft drugs, if the introduction of this new product should be noted that until we annoy or disturb other people and it will remain within the law, everything is fine. " * joint - self-produced marijuana cigarette ** tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive substance resins is attributed to him 75-100% psychological effects. Its abundance in the plant varies from almost zero to 95% of the contained cannabinoids. Marijuana prepared from quality hemp grown hydroponically, can also have 20% THC in the dry state. 


How Cliris cleans up your glasses?

Swiss designers have decided to break with your startup, which should finally help people clean their glasses so that the glass has finally been scratched or greasy. This elegant box uses ultrasonic technology and biodegradable cleaning and disinfecting eyeglass lens.

The process is quite simple. CLIR Simply plug into wall socket, insert the glasses into it and wait a few minutes. The device is then filled with a special cleaning liquid and will "wash". Gives you a fluid with Clirisom and used like a printer cartridge lasts about 30 cleaning cycles. One such cartridge will cost about 20 euros, the price of the device but do not know yet. See if the company manages to raise money to launch the operation.


Keir Alexa Wohlman For Treats Magazine

 photo Keir-Alexa-Wohlman-Sultry-Topless-Shoot-for-Treats-April-2014-03-cr1399493833176-900x675_zps3a156788.jpg
Do you like high? Beautiful Keir is the beauty of reason. with great high and long legs this girl intimidates everybody. That is also one of the rules, how to become a successful model.

 photo gxl_5086e2fe-9424-4e43-9389-57e80a0b0910_zpsca55d11b.jpg           photo gxl_5086e2e8-f818-4b63-9987-694c0a0b0910_zps29a3f978.jpg

180 cm is women traditional height, but in the modeling world is being tall and thin women doing the most. One of these cases is impressive brunette with long legs, which within two yards lacking exactly twenty centimeters. Last, this model from Miami allowed to take a picture of considerable erotic positions.

 photo Keir-Alexa-Wohlman-Sultry-Topless-Shoot-for-Treats-April-2014-02-cr1399493838295-900x675_zpscaad6f53.jpg

Keir Alexa Wohlman, belongs in the world of the lesser known models, but in the Florida metropolis receives one offer after another, though comes from California. Beauty photographed for the magazine Treats photographer Russell James, which looking at the naked body of 24-year-old brunette probably also was not all one.



Coolest Songs Of football World Championship

As usual in recent years, we sit at home and watch. Or ... listen. We listen? For example, the official song of the competition.

Which is called ... We are one (Ola Ola) and is sung by Pitbull with Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte. The album's official competition are also big names including Santana, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Bebel Gilberto and The Isley Brothers.

10. Celebrate the day - Herbert Gronemeye (Germany, 2006)
An important piece by the fact that the theme promote cooperation between people through football.

September. The Times of Our Lives - Il Divo & Tony Braxton (Germany, 2006)

The song speaks dspre all we can to create a better world, as long as we work as a team. A strong message of peace and unity.

August. El Rock del Mundial - Los Ramblers (Chile, 1962)
It was the first song of a tournament official. Without Los Ramblers, perhaps the world would have to wait years before to ... sing to the big football competition.

July. Anthem - Vangelis (Japan & South Korea, 2002)
A pace that conveys a positive emotion and inspirational message. The song was more popular in Japan than in the rest of the world.

June. Gloryland - Daryl Hall (USA, 1994)
A song which lists a lot of musical influences and styles, representing the cultural diversity of the participating countries.

May. Boom - Anastacia (Japan & South Korea, 2002)
A piece that seduces you place the Anastacia urges fans to go further and to fight despite all setbacks.

April. Wavin 'Flag - K'naan feat. David Bisbal (South Africa, 2010)
Although this song was not part of the official selection FIFA, he came quickly sort of alternative anthem that many considered him even more cool (and having a more positive message) than Waka Waka Shakira.

Three. A 'Estate Italiana - Gianna Nannini (Italy, 1990)
One of the most beloved hymns of the World Championship and probably the one that Romanians remember the great pleasure: singing in jitters after the Revolution, the first year "free". Especially since the message went straight to our hearts, anything is possible.

Two. Waka Waka - Shakira (South Africa, 2010)
Probably one of the reasons why this song has become so popular is sensual Shakira dancing.The song also convey the vibrant energy of the African continent.

One. Copa de la Vida - Ricky Martin (France, 1998)
A sound that you pick up from the chair, oricunde you have learned. If you can think of the concept of world music, then this is the perfect song. An energy unmatched by any other song written specifically for football.


Amber Arbucci For Wolf Magazine

 photo Amber-Arbucci-Topless-in-Wolf-Magazine-02-cr1399060611238-675x900_zps25aa6603.jpg
If you like this passionate beauty? You have come to the right place. Romance in the little fire? Amber has a wilderness in the blood!

 photo Amber-Arbucci-Topless-in-Wolf-Magazine-13_zps9ead26e3.jpg

If a large dose of passion accompanied by a more amazing sexy body with curves from God, there is perhaps more attractions. Beautiful American model Amber Ambucci is the epitome of perfect physical beauty, but it's not all that glamorous blonde is able to reach the man. Though it's the little fire extremely testifies, loves nature and a totally different direction.

 photo Amber-Arbucci-Topless-in-Wolf-Magazine-10_zpsf0ada1fd.jpg

Amber is in fact passionately devoted to photograph in the wild nature has it own website, where you will find particular images elephant and other exotic animals in wild nature. Photographer Greg Williams, however, for its object rather gone man and so likeable 24-year-old Amber was on the site Wolf Magazine.

 photo Amber-Arbucci-Topless-in-Wolf-Magazine-14_zpsc18dfdb3.jpg

Amber While this is evidenced in the studio, but completely untied to the real nature.



Maribel Suarez was photographed for SoHo Magazine

 photo SuaMzso12133_zpsf4244746.jpg
Latin America, is here with your beautiful treasures!

 photo 32252_1407_1_zps9a92921a.jpg              photo 32250_1407_1_zpsd5883110.jpg

In South America have on their territory no shortage of beautiful women. Any country you visit, you always come into their own. Blonde babes with German roots in Venezuela you enjoy the dark and swarthy beauties with curly hair.

And when you move a little further, Colombia, you have eagerly waited even these women, if you liked Maribel Suarez, we have no need to visit an exotic Colombia miss . Just go to Soho Colombia and you have noticed of that.



Model Lauren Garrison For Wolf Magazine

 photo Lauren-Garrison-Topless-Black-and-White-Photoshoot-in-Wolf-Magazine-Issue-2-07_zps123a4c51.jpg
The beautiful bodies of New York, the only few people can resist.

 photo Lauren-Garrison-Topless-Black-and-White-Photoshoot-in-Wolf-Magazine-Issue-2-03-cr1400077965945-675x900_zps321749b7.jpg     photo Lauren-Garrison-Topless-Black-and-White-Photoshoot-in-Wolf-Magazine-Issue-2-01-cr1400077964859-675x900_zps1faad600.jpg

Not among the lowest; perhaps because it managed to score the pages of successful Wolf Magazine Magazine.

 photo Lauren-Garrison-Topless-Black-and-White-Photoshoot-in-Wolf-Magazine-Issue-2-06_zps32b20490.jpg

180-inches high fashion model Lauren Garrison , who comes from New York, entrusting their long legs and nice body equally into custody photographer Michael Plumridga that the beautiful Lauren did really appealing object.

You do not jealous of water that washes quite satisfied that perfect body, rather the idea was in place as you Lauren under his scarf precisely in such attire, what she's wearing in the photo well. 



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